Senior C# Developer (implementing cloud architecture)

Scope of the project: 

Migrating or re-implementing the current (mobile and web) functionality into the new cloud architecture

  • Cover the whole software development lifecycle, including feature development,  automated test development, testing, documentation
  • Apply the principles of the micro-services backend architecture to reduce code  interdependency and enable more frequent deployment
  • Use micro-frontend components to simplify personalization
  • Replacement of internal bespoke/custom solutions for commoditized functionality (e.g.  A/B testing support, logging, test frameworks)
  • Integrate with existing components (e.g. ERP systems) and  3rd party interfaces fitting into the new Cloud  infrastructure.

Key responsibilities:

  • Participate in the technical design of new functionalities come from product owner
  • Participate in the estimation of new functionalities
  • Implement new functionalities
  • Debugging and fixing bugs
  • Support QA members


  • Strong C# knowledge (2,5-5+ years of experience)
  • NET WebAPI experience
  • Entity framework
  • MS SQL
  • Clean code
  • Strong unit testing knowledge
  • SOLID principles
  • Design patterns
  • Azure Devops Services
  • Git


  • .NET core/.NET 5
  • TDD
  • Redis
  • Angular framework