Senior IT Architect (.Net web and mobile development)

The ideal candidate should come from a technical background, from software development or software/hardware/network architecture area.

This person

  • should have a logical analytical thinking, be able to oversee complex systems and overwatch work of big (70-100) development teams.
  • Map the current architecture, collect all components, connections. Have to cover all layers of software, infrastructure and network architecture in order to understand limitations and dependencies.
  • Understands the concept of decision preparation, like collecting options, pros and cons, analyse the consequences, and make a recommendation, while in most cases there can still be a final decision to be made on Wizz side (myself).
  • Also need to maintain these decisions, so after they made, throughout the lifecycle of development, need to monitor if those architectural decisions are kept by all teams and developers.
  • Depending on the personality and skills of the applicant, leadership/mentoring role can also be included in.
  • Experience on a public web project with high availability and high load (like is a strong plus.